Just because the weather is cooling and a large part of the growing season is over, doesn’t mean your curb appeal has to go away too!

Fall can be an excellent time to rev up your home’s curb appeal, even through the winter when the rest of your lawn might be sparse. Keep reading below for fall curb appeal tips!

Don’t let lawn maintenance slide.  Your flower beds and garden may be empty, but here in Western North Carolina, we have a mild climate which means year-round lawn maintenance doesn’t have to fall by the wayside. Mulching, cleaning up your veggie patch or flower beds, and keeping fall leaves under control are some ways to improve the appearance of your yard as the weather cools.

Trim back and prune trees and shrubs.  Pruning can have enormous benefits for many shrubs and trees and can help foster new growth when spring comes again and the ground warms up. Evergreens especially can benefit from pruning, as they will continue to keep their green hues throughout the colder months, and you can experiment with different shapes and textures of the leaves.

Clean out gutters. They don’t call it “fall” for no reason! Cleaning out your gutters not only improves the drainage for future rain storms but also helps keep your home looking neat and well-kept through the season.

Experiment and tend to outdoor lighting. Odds are that some of your home’s exterior lighting may be going a bit bad by this time of the year. Replace old bulbs and path lights, or consider adding new ones to make your home shine through the fall and winter. A home that has great lighting can not only highlight its features but also add visual interest to otherwise bare spots that may be lacking as the growing season comes to a close.

Decorate! Fall is a wonderful time to decorate. Between pumpkins, the holidays, and cozy home décor, the options are limitless and can make a huge difference in making your home feel a lot cozier during cold spells!