Tips From the Pros


We’re in the midst of the “Dog Days of Summer” here in Western North Carolina. That’s right, the hottest time of year is upon us, so what does that mean for your garden? The sun is a constant threat, although we’ve been experiencing quite a bit of rain the last few weeks. The best times to garden are in the early morning or the late afternoon before the sun rises the temperature, meaning that for many of us that really leaves only the weekend to tend to our gardens. We’ve got a few tips for you to consider for your gardens during August to help them continue to flourish even in the heat!

When it comes to lawn-care, you always have to be thinking ahead. Even though we are still enjoying this summer, there are fall services that will help prepare your lawn for next year. Now is the time to plan ahead for fall preparational lawn care. At TPS Landscaping, taking care of your yard is our speciality, just ask our customers. We've listed some of the services that we recommend and provide below, so that you can begin to think about how you want to prepare your lawn in the fall.

Cicadas provide the sound of summertime evenings here in Western North Carolina. A specific genre of cicada is known as the periodical cicada. These cicadas are not typically a threat or worry gardeners, but this year Western North Carolina is expecting a hatching of them. These insects are unique because they all emerge at the same time and have a longer lifespan, of about 13-17to go from egg to adult.

Brown Patch is a disease mostly found effecting lawns and golf courses during the hot and humid summer months. In this post we will discuss the development factors, symptoms and treatment options for lawns suffering from this disease. 

Having a beautiful and healthy lawn is something that most gardeners try to accomplish during the spring and summer in addition to a healthy vegetable and flower garden! We’ve talked a little bit about the importance of mowing and having your tools serviced in the appropriate time so as not to miss out or sabotage the growth of your lawn, but a topic we haven’t broached is planting new grass seed.