Outdoor lighting is important for the safety of you and your guests, but it can do so much more. Use it to showcase plantings and landscape or water features. Enjoy time outdoors with your family and friends long after the sun has set. Right now, you can get your first year of our light maintenance program FREE with new installations in February!

Crabgrass has been around for centuries — it’s unclear how it got its name, but some believe it’s because it originally grew in salt marshes, and crabs fed on it. Or it could be because of its crooked, crab-like form. But everyone can agree that crabgrass has been a thorn in the side of property owners for years. When it comes to eliminating this noxious weed, the struggle is real — crabgrass is an annual, and each plant produces up to 150,000 seeds. Most of those seeds germinate for the following spring, and those that don’t can remain viable and germinate in future years. What should you do to win the battle with crabgrass? 

With the warmth of spring right around the corner, not only is it time to start thinking about getting your lawn ready, it's also time to start planning out a strategy for your landscape design and construction. 

It's easy to forget about our leafy friends during the cold weather months. But with simple upkeep and maintenance, you can keep your plants and shrubs beautiful and healthy and looking their best. 

It's our business at TPS Landscaping to be aware of how your landscaping will look in all of the seasons. While some people don't think of winter as a time to focus on landscaping, we definitely want your yard to look the best it can all year round. It's what makes our Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area so beautiful!
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