The most efficient and cost-saving way to ensure the beauty of your landscaping and the lushness of your lawn is an irrigation system. When TPS Landscaping installs your new irrigation system, we'll program your sprinklers to use the right amount of water in the right location—no more, no less. Not only is that friendly to the environment and your wallet, it also saves you time. Once your irrigation system is installed, we offer a year-round maintenance program to optimize your system's performance and prolong its lifespan. Our maintenance program includes the following visits:

Start Up (Early Spring)

We prepare your irrigation system for the coming season by: 

  • Ensuring main water supply is on
  • Backflow testing
  • Priming the mainline
  • Verifying operation at each zone
  • Adjusting for head-to-head coverage
  • Checking for leaks
  • Clearing growth from around each head
  • Testing controller operation
  • Calibrating run time for spring conditions
  • Checking rain sensor operation
  • Identifying needed repairs

Midseason (Pre-Summer) & (Post-Summer)

Your irrigation system requires some fine tuning to maintain peak operating performance. Visit includes:

  • Resetting the controller
  • Checking for system leaks
  • Cleaning out overgrowth around heads
  • Ensuring rotors are turning properly
  • Leveling heads and diagnosing system repairs

Winterization (Mid-Fall)

We extend the lifespan of your irrigation equipment by protecting it from freeze damage via:

  • Blowout of heads
  • Blowout of rotors
  • Blowout of valves
  • Blowout of lines
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