Fall is prime season to break out the bulbs for planting. Many Spring-blooming flowers need an overwintering period in order to bloom nice and bright when the weather begins to warm up. Some of your standard bulbs may be daffodils or tulips but they go so far beyond that, that there is one for every flower preference and color.

Whether you prefer your blooms to be purple, white, yellow or blue, there is one for you!


ornamental onion purple

1. Alliums. A globular, purple, white, pink or yellow flower with clusters of little flowers gracing its stems, this flower looks a bit like a pom-pom, making it a fun addition to your flower garden! They are fairly low maintenance considering you keep their soil nice and moist when they’re in bloom.

They generally bloom in May and June, and will stay in bloom for 4-5 weeks, giving you a full month of color. Reaching impressive heights up to 4 feet tall and hosting 6–8-inch balls of florets, they are best used as a backdrop so they don’t block the sun from smaller flowers and plants.

vibeg white and purple

2. Fritillaria. This exotic, upside down, delicate tulip looking flower makes a great addition to your landscaping plan. They may look a bit intimidating, but fear not as they are actually quite easy to grow!

Coming in shades of orange, red, yellow and more, this flower enjoys a rich soil but can adapt well even to heavy, clay soil. As long as it gets regular water, it shouldn’t give you too many problems! Best to plant the bulbs in early Autumn though, as they need to be able to root in the soil before it gets too cold in order to live up to their potential.

white crocus

3. Snowdrops. These classic, delicate little white flowers live up to their names due to their exceptional winter hardiness and ability to break through frozen ground in the dead of winter. A fresh coat of snow or ice has little effect on dampening their determination, and they still persevere until their Spring debut months later.

hot pink daylily

4. Lilies. There had to be at least one better known bulb on this list. There is quite literally a lily for everyone as they come in many colors and shapes. They are prized for their elegance and are just as rugged as old man winter himself, coming in many colors such as yellow, pink, red, white and orange.

Start with the largest bulbs you can afford, as they will generally be the hardiest. They require good drainage, otherwise they will suffer from rot if the soil remains too wet for extended periods of time. They usually will flower well into the Summer, but you can extend the blooming period by planting varieties that bloom at different times of the year.

pink hyacinths

5. Hyacinth. Hyacinths are best known for their completely intoxicating scent that will have even the grumpiest of people stopping by, taking a whiff and smiling at the scent. The blooms are long lasting and resistant to deer and rabbits from taking a nibble or two. They come in a variety of colors such as white, purple, and yellow and tend to grow close to the ground making them a great option for ground cover in every part of your flower garden. They are hardy and reliable, and with a scent like the one they harbor, how could you say no to planting them?

For more ideas of great Spring-blooming flower bulbs to plant this fall, check out The Spruce and Country Living! Happy gardening!