Biltmore Park - Heimowitz Residence

For this beautiful South Asheville back yard in Biltmore Park, the homeowners originally asked TPS Landscaping to create a level area for an outdoor hot tub. During that process, the clients decided an outdoor dining and entertainment area would also be a great addition! Given the steep grade of the yard, TPS created a multi-level design for patios and walkways that would be functional and safe for the small children in the family. Instead of one large retaining wall, we built shorter stacked boulder walls and a safety rail with a design to compliment the pergola. With the clean lines of the safety rail, the yard isn’t dominated by a heavy retaining wall, and mom and dad can keep an eye on children playing in the lower yard. The level pavers and pebble-fill provide a pretty walkway from the yard to the patio areas. We added some seasonal florals to bloom along the edges, adding softer colors and texture next to the stone. TPS was proud to work with resident to create a beautiful outdoor living space in Biltmore Park, near Biltmore Forest.


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