Residential Landscape Maintenance Programs 

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Take the hassle out of maintaining a pristine property!  We offer residential maintenance packages to take care of all your residential landscaping.

What's Included in a Residential Maintenance Program

Lawn Maintenance

There are many reasons to keep a well-maintained lawn. Of course, we all love admiring, or entertaining on a nice lawn and are there many better feelings than walking bare-foot on healthy, green grass? But did you know that appraisers estimate that a well-landscaped and maintained lawn adds about 7% to the value of your home? Also, a healthy lawn that is approximately 1/4 acre in size produces enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four every day.

TPS Lawn Maintenance Services Include:
  • Mowing
  • String trimming 
  • Edging  
  • Blowing 

Landscape Bed Maintenance 

Healthy flower beds and well landscaped areas of your yard can increase a home’s value by 7%. Besides that, isnt it nice to start the morning or finish the day while wandering through a beautifully landscaped yard

TPS Landscape Bed and Maintenance Services Include:
  • Weeding Beds
  • Perennial & Annual flower care 
  • Removing fallen sticks and limbs  
  • Shrub pruning 

Aeration & Over Seeding 

Core type aeration prior to sowing new grass seed to repair and thicken your lawn. Service scheduled in Fall.

TPS Custom Maintenance Programs 

In cases where one of our maintenance programs does not fit your home or lifestyle, we are happy to develop a custom program. Any of our services can be customized into an annual program with one easy to manage monthly payment.