I am sending this letter to you and TPS to sing the praises of the crew that just planted 16 ten-foot green giants on my property. Mike set it up and everything went smoothly and as planned. The trees were delivered on time and the job was done at the arranged time. My highest compliments to the work crew that did the planting, dug the surrounding beds and put down ground cloth and mulch. The job they did looks FANTASTIC! Erik, Sean and Jason did an excellent and BEAUTIFUL job. They were extremely thorough with each important step of the planting process - including all the soil and root ball prep and making sure the trees were perfectly vertical and buried to the correct depth. I was equally impressed with the creation of the shoveled beds, the smooth and even edges, the ground cloth and mulch application. Not only did they work tirelessly but it was obvious that they cared about doing a good job. My highest compliments to them all. And on top of all that, they are all very friendly young men of good character who work well as a team.

I would request them anytime.


We worked with Al and the team at TPS Landscaping to create our dream outdoor spaces.  Not only did they help us to work with our contractor in choosing where our home and guest house would sit on the lot, but they also helped us choose natural rock and stone that would compliment the materials used on the construction of the home.  The result is a stunning array of outdoor spaces where we enjoy coffee as the sun rises, a roaring fire as the sun sets and plenty of room to entertain family and friends.

TPS Landscaping did lots of landscaping around our house and built a retaining wall and paver patio for us. The workers were good to work with, talking us through modifications as they came up and leaving a clean area at the end of the work day. We were very pleased with the end result and look forward to seeing how it transitions throughout the seasons.

Because of our ongoing relationship with the TPS team, we didn’t even bother with getting other quotes for our patio resurfacing project. The outcome was as expected: a beautiful landscape executed by a team of hardworking professionals whose commitment to quality customer service was on display every single day they came to our home.

Al Falzone is a joy to work with as are his crew leaders and the crew itself. Prompt and professional while tolerant of my dogs and design changes