Tips From the Pros

Need an incentive to get ready for spring? Check out our mulch special.

It's our business at TPS Landscaping to be aware of how your landscaping will look in all of the seasons. While some people don't think of winter as a time to focus on landscaping, we definitely want your yard to look the best it can all year round. It's what makes our Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area so beautiful!
Check out this article from the NC Cooperative extension.

TPS Landscaping bringing home first place in Hendersonville's Best of Blue Ridge Competition! 

As winter approaches, read about how to properly care for your landscaping to maximize your spring results! 

Well, we certainly have had our share of flooding. While you can’t stop the rain from falling, you can take measures to reduce the impact of flooding and water damage to your lawn, soil, plants and trees.